Airing Dirty Laundry

Dear Moms, the laundry!  It is the bane of my existence.  It never goes away.  Two loads in, and there are two more waiting.  It multiplies as if under some sort of Harry Potter spell.  Geminio!  If I so much as dare to think, “A-ha!  I am caught up.  Laundry is done for the day,” my next trip up the stairs is sure to reveal yet another basket full of leggings, jeans, school uniforms, assorted tights and tees, PJs….oh the humanity!  I have tried everything.  The girls are under strict instructions: one outfit change when you get home from school, no more.  Only clothes that are truly dirty need to be washed.  Towels do not go in every night.  And nothing seems to work.  Nothing!  Deep down inside, I am truly convinced the only real solution to my laundry affliction lies somewhere in a nudist colony.

The silver lining to this tale of woe, however, is that I have now put my girls in charge of putting their own laundry away.  It has been added to the list of daily chores which I expect them to complete, and our dear nanny makes sure they comply.  No, you cannot open their drawers because the clean laundry is stuffed in them Thanksgiving turkey-style, but I’m all about baby steps.  Next rung on the ladder?  “Neatness counts.”

Have a great week, and beware the red sock!

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