Calling all Gryffindors!

My nine-yeard-old is obsessed with all things Harry Potter.  While my eldest daughter read the first book, proclaimed it “scary” and immediately moved on to tackle the Penderwick series, her younger sister read the first book, declared it “the best thing EVER” and has now read the entire series, twice.  There are so many things I love about this little obsession of hers: her newfound appreciation of owls, her bottomless knowledge of the rules of quidditch, and (oh! ) the vocabulary!  Is there anything better than a still-little girl with a mouthful of retainers and expanders saying words like “hufflepuff” and “expelliarmus?”

So imagine how “stupefied” I was to discover there is a Harry Potter version of one of our favorite family game night go-tos, Clue?  Heads up Hogwarts, if you love calling Colonel Mustard out for dastardly deeds in the library, you’ll really love accusing Draco Malfoy for poisoning mead in the Enchanted Forest!  While my little witch (and I mean this in the most endearing way) absolutely loves playing, I think she also takes great delight in showing off her expertise!  There isn’t a question she can’t answer, a plot she can’t re-tell, and yes, she must have her own personal petronus (help your kids discover theirs with this quiz!), because she quite often wins.  Check out the fun for yourself and go from muggle to wizard in no time!

Signing off with my very best Petrificus Totalus!

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