Good Night, Sleep Tight, at Least Try to Match

I have many vices (shoes, stationery and coffee come immediately to mind),  but sleepwear is not one of them.  In my PJ drawer you will find four distinct categories of clothing:

1. Ratty tees from college (I hate to put it out there, but this makes the tees 20+ years old).

2. Yoga pants in which I have not once EVER done ANY yoga.

3. An assortment of hole-y (not holy) socks with which I cannot bear to part because they are brightly patterned with things like monkeys, santas and sunshines, and my girls love them.

4. And the piece de resistance: for winter – a couple of wool sweaters (don’t ask me how I have three kids).

I’ll admit, I naively assumed us moms all fell into pretty much the same sleep fashion circle, but lo and behold, I have recently learned this is not the case.  Over a long reunion weekend with some of my BFFs from college, I was subjected to nothing short of sensory overload by my gal pals’ array of color coordinated PJs, loungewear and robes – and some of them in my fave, fave, fave fabric prints: Liberty of London!  Holy (not hole-y) smokes!  How did I miss the boat on this one?  So of course I immediately requested the 411 on the jammies: what’s the brand, can I find it online, and do they have sales?  To my delight, the answer was BedHead Pajamas, yes they are available online through department stores like Neiman’s as well as through their own site, and yes they can be found on sale.

So I got home, I perused, and I purchased.  Oh happy day (I mean, night!).  If anyone photographs me at 3:00 a.m. taking care of a sick child, I will be wearing something that matches!  In fact, I will be wearing something that is actually attractive!  Heck, I might even drive the morning carpool in these comfies!  Snap away, paparazzi!

FYI, I treated my girls too – the toile and the blush prints were too sweet to pass on, and the sizes run all the way up to 14.


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