Ode to Mary Jane

My girls wear uniforms to school.  All four of us agree this is a good thing.  Well…one of us (guess who?) worships anything that eliminates potential pitfalls in the “out the door and into the dropoff line” routine, and oh by the way – how cute are the little jumpers and the bright red cardigans?  And the remaining three are still too young to feel compelled to lead a rebel yell against all things plaid.

But in addition to how much easier my mornings are and how adorable I think the little jumpers are, I’m also a sucker for the Mary Jane shoes.  And yes, this is true of grown ups too.  Case in point: Mary Janes ala Manolo Blahnik.  Sigh…

Okay, I digress.  Back to little girl shoes.  Something about my little ones’ little piggies encased in a Mary Jane shoe channels visions of Madeline (red hair!) and the VonTrapp children (matching curtain playsuits!) and Shirley Temple (dimples!).  It’s heartwarming, even if we don’t march in line, burst into spontaneous song and tap dance while wearing them (well, actually….we kinda’ do)!   So I was more than pleased today to discover the nice selection of kids’ shoes available at Zappos.   I don’t know why I’ve only used it as a go-to site for myself up until now.  They have enough Mary Jane-esque and school uniform-approved shoes to fill The Good Ship Lollipop!  Nice!

And though I have no coupons to spare for either the Mary Janes or the penny loafer eye candy, (another weakness) I can’t help but encourage us all to go ahead and indulge our inner prep anyway.  Come on, you know you want to!

“That’s all there is; there isn’t anymore.” (Madeline)

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