Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

Somewhere amongst the ghosts of blogs past, I have told you fine folks that I like Liberty fabrics.  I’m retracting that statement.  I adore them.  All of those little flowers in their pretty pastel hues? They’re girly and even a little bit retro.  I go weak in the knees.  Sometimes I’ll just peruse the Liberty site and browse through the fabrics.  It’s such a guilty pleasure.  Of course every once in a while it’s also akin to torture.  Case in point?  Right now, as I type, J.Crew is featuring their “classic shirt” in a handful of Liberty prints, and I am all but sitting on my hands to prevent myself from clicking “buy” on a $150 shirt I really don’t need.  Oh where art thou Fairy Godmother?

But if I can’t, in good faith, treat myself to a full priced shirt for which I have not an inch to spare in my closet, can I treat myself to Liberty print pajamas?  There’s plenty of room in the jammie drawer…and a few are on sale…and most come with free shipping…hmmm….the struggle begins.  I love the Purple Ditzy (which is not self-referential!),  I think the Central Park Watercolor is pretty, and yep…how can anyone pass on the great shade of red in the Prospect Park (despite the hefty price tag)?  And yes ladies, I know, there is no “come hither” in these pajamas.  But let’s be honest, there isn’t any “come hither” in their college t-shirts either.  So I say find a print you love, throw ’em  on when he’s out-of-town and pick up a copy of Wuthering Heights (where there’s kind of a lot of “come hither,” if you ask me).

And in case you’re even more “liberated” than me, check out these Liberty print Doc Martens!

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