Twice is Nice, Free is Fab!

My sister is having twins.  This brings the grandkid headcount in my family to eight.  Come visit us in a few years, and you should be able to catch a pretty decent 4-on-4 basketball tournament.  Of course, six of the eight grandchildren are girls, so you should also bring a tu-tu with your high-tops if you wanna’ sub in.

At any rate…what caught us all by surprise about the impending arrival of the new M&Ms is that some how, some way, we are lacking baby stuff!  Impossible, right?  I actually couldn’t believe it either, but as my sister and I sorted through our respective stashes of baby supplies to ready her nursery, it quickly became evident that three quarters of our haul is now a) no longer up to CPSC safety standards b) soiled beyond recognition from the sibs who’ve gone before and c) monogrammed with the initials of those same sibs.  Ugh!

Wish logo smallFortunately, my talented and tasteful network has once again come to the rescue.  Get this – debuting December 21, 2012, Wish Baby Registry will deck the halls of nurseries across the country with furniture, bedding, layette, gear and gifts (and yes, my family will be clicking twice on it all).  Of course the best part about this online registry is not the super cute matching baby outfits for our new Skittles, but the fact that each registrant receives a year of FREE diapers when they reach a minimum order (which is easily achievable).  I don’t want to scare my sister, but I sort of think she’s going to need the P&G truck to back into her driveway every week since she also has a toddler who’s all swaddled up.  But hey – each pamper counts, especially the free ones!  So check it out and spread the word, and don’t forget – Hoops Tourney in my driveway circa 2016.  I’ll be the one in the Converse and the tulle!

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