A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Email

Oh man.  Like woe is me.  As in this is VERY, VERY, BAD.  I sat down at my desk today fully prepared to write about the football game tonight (I am a house divided, wish me luck), and instead…what’s that in my inbox?  Up to 70% off the new weekend me?  Well gosh, that’s perfectly innocent, right?  I mean, 70% off – that’s a sale, and sales save us money.  They are a great, great thing.  So here I go a clickin’…

ambulance1BOOM!!!!!  That was the sound of my head exploding.  I have no idea whether workers’ comp is gonna’ cover this, but I am rendered unable to work, maybe even to breathe.  Valentino handbags, Phillip Lim dresses and OMG…Lanvin shoes????!!!!  At 70% off!!!!????  Someone please call 9-1-1, like stat!

Moms, I know that you, like me, live in the real world, and that our hard-earned dollars are better spent on hockey skates and dance recital costumes and college tuition funds, not on gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuits, despite The Outnet’s lovely little sale.  But the eye candy on this gem of a site is something to behold, and I think it serves as great inspiration to embrace your inner glam.  You CAN rock a great outfit in the dropoff line – you CAN, you CAN!  (By the way, I’m thinking skinny jeans and a cool Elizabeth & James jacket for the dropoff line, not the satin jumpsuit).

I have to sign off now.  The EMT says it is not a good idea to continue typing with this oxygen mask on…

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