A Place at the Table

shutterstock_76105909My kitchen table is, in its own right, an accomplished piece of furniture. It is the site where meals, art projects, homework, pumpkin carving, egg dying, cookie decorating and gift wrapping takes place. Backpacks are deposited on top and shoes are kicked off underneath. It can support the goldfish bowl and the cereal bowls with equal finesse. And once I even caught it supporting three young children (who were quickly sent into a timeout for standing on the furniture).

The kitchen table has many a story to tell, most of which can be read on its surface: water rings, glitter glue and paint smears…chips, dents, scuffs and warps….A very long time ago I used to have the table refinished every year, but after child number three, I more or less threw in the towel and embraced the table’s well worn aesthetic. Lest you think I am completely turning a blind eye to the table abuse taking place in my kitchen, I do make a small attempt at preservation and insist on placemats underneath all art projects and meals. No, the mats don’t make much of a difference in terms of surface protection (we’re just that messy) but we have amassed a fun assortment of placemats over the years, and the girls enjoy selecting one from our little collection at mealtimes.

And so today, as a small homage to my bedraggled but faithful kitchen table, I’m telling everyone that One King’s Lane is featuring placemats, runners, cloths and coasters in an assortment of colors and patterns to spice (get it?) up your kitchen decor and conceal those table blemishes.

But now my duty is done.  While there’s no better way to attempt to preserve your table than with a charming set of placemats, you are on your own for attempts at getting the kids to set and clear it!

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