If You Try Sometimes…You Get What You Need!

Not too long ago, I shared with everyone that I am the owner of a new gas grill, and so far, this relationship really seems to be taking off!  We were safe on first base mid last week with some burgers and slid into second with tasty kabobs last weekend.  I’m contemplating rounding third with a flank steak tomorrow night, but I don’t want to get labeled as “fast.” 😉

I also have to tell ya’, the grill is a nice patio accessory.  It’s shiny and new and in the early evening it reflects a glint or two of the setting sun…kind of like a pretty Van Cleef & Arpels bangle.

By some freak accident yesterday, I actually found myself alone in the early evening, and so I neglected the laundry (sshhh….don’t tell Martha Stewart!), took my current read (Keith Richards’ “Life”) and sat out back to catch the breeze and turn a few pages.  But somewhere between Exile on Main Street and Goats Head Soup, I noticed the sharp contrast between my shiny new grill and my pathetic patio furniture.  It’s kind of like the Van Cleef bangle is resting on the gnarled arm of the garden gnome.  While I appreciate a healthy amount of contrast in my decor – a new white couch atop a centuries old kilim rug, for example, this is different.  The patio situation just isn’t cutting it.  So lucky for me, summer is almost over, and whether you shop at Jason Home & Garden or Target, pretty much all patio furniture is on sale.  Well doesn’t that just “Start Me Up?!”  Were I really a lady of leisure, I would do the whole “Gimme Shelter” thing and consider a daybed and a gazebo (Which crack me up.  Do those fit under the swing set?).  But I’m a mom.  Leisure is mostly left to the five-minute drive between school drop-off and work, and so I’m taking an extra long gander at tables and chairs instead.  And there are some really attractive outdoor throw pillows available everywhere from West Elm to Etsy, so I can still get a little bit of the “lady” thing going, even without the gazebo.

And that, dear friends, is a great way to “keep me happy!” (yeah…all done with the Stones puns now).

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen Good Grill!

My neighbors are moving.  This breaks my heart into hundreds of pieces for too many reasons to count.  Put simply: they are a lovely family and add value to the community in which they live in every possible way.  The only silver lining to which I can point amidst the melancholia?  They gave their gas grill to me.  Apparently the new home has one built in (swanky!) and so I am the beneficiary of the old.  I have never used a gas grill before (I’ve always been a Weber-kettle-charcoal kind of girl) but I took my new Grill Master 5000 for a culinary test drive this weekend, and I have to say, I might be hooked.  I did chicken and some veggie kabobs, and everything was delish!  While I’m going to give the new grill most of the credit, there might have been a yum-factor in the marinade too.  This works well on either chicken or pork, and prep time is five minutes at best, so it’s a great go-to when you’re not in the mood to hang in the kitchen.


1 cup crushed pineapple

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup cider vinegar

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon ginger powder

1/4 teaspoon powdered cloves


Mix all ingredients together and use immediately or store in airtight container for up to seven days.