Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda

My 6th grader is going to 6th grade camp.  Does that bring back grade school memories or what?  When I went, I was also in sixth grade, and we went for a whole week (god bless those teachers).  I still remember some of the songs I learned, and I love to geek out and sing them for my girls: “Here’s a story, doo doo, doo do, about Jaws, doo doo, doo do…”  They always respond the same way: “Oh mommmmm….”

At any rate, my daughter is only going for a quick overnight, but the packing list is a little daunting.  We tackled it last night, and this is pretty much how it unfolded.

Sleeping bag?  Check.

Pillow? Check.

Socks?  Check.

Jeans?  Check.

Sunscreen?  Hmmm….don’t you have to replace sunscreen every season?  Does Fall count as a new season?  Okay.  That goes on the grocery list.

Bugspray? From my daughter: “What kind of bugs?  Big bugs?  Like spiders?”  Yeah…good luck with this one, Mrs. Johnson.

Pajamas?  Check.

Raingear?  Check.  Oh wait a minute.  We should try that on.  Your arms are like a foot longer than they were last Spring.  Yep.  As I suspected.  You could use a new raincoat.  From my middle child: “I’m not wearing any hand-me-downs that are pink!”  From me: “Grrrrrrrrrr…..”

So mission number one this morning was to quickly locate a raincoat sturdy enough to withstand three go-rounds in our closets, in a shade other than pink (now watch, next year my middle child will be obsessed with all hues in the rose, blush and coral families).  And lo and behold, I think search success is mine! (Now if I could just do the same for my own raingear!)

Anyone else out there love Uncle Dan’s?  They always come through in a camping emergency for me (because I have so many…).  Here are my options this morning:


Click screen to close

(also comes in pink for those of you who do not have children who have declared a ban on the shade!)


Girls Printed Resolve Jacket


(mad for plaid!)


Click screen to close

(also comes in blue, pink and black…but I think the yellow is super cute!)

Now that makes for a happy camper!

Does a Body Good

My 11-year-old had her annual physical yesterday.  Aside from my shock and horror (and yes, delight) at how very, very, very much she has grown, I was thankful to learn tween girls need a significant amount of calcium during these transition years.  Key information, especially since my little giraffe is not a milk-drinker.  The pediatrician did a nice job of giving us a calcium 101 lecture, and we’ve now been charged to hit at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day.  She also told my daughter this was her responsibility (with mom’s help and guidance).  I love the empowerment!

Here’s a quick how-to for those of you who also have young ladies in your house.


Glass of calcium fortified OJ with your breakfast: 300 milligrams


Carton of milk with your lunch at school: 300 milligrams

Two slices of calcium fortified Roman Meal bread for your sandwich: 300 milligrams

After school snack:

Container of yogurt: approximately 200 milligrams

You’re at approximately 1,000 milligrams before dinner is even served!  How easy was that?  Of course, my 11-year-old is a little obsessed with efficiency, so she proposed we make smoothies for breakfast with OJ and yogurt to get a head start.  Works for me!

Take care of you and yours!