Does a Body Good

My 11-year-old had her annual physical yesterday.  Aside from my shock and horror (and yes, delight) at how very, very, very much she has grown, I was thankful to learn tween girls need a significant amount of calcium during these transition years.  Key information, especially since my little giraffe is not a milk-drinker.  The pediatrician did a nice job of giving us a calcium 101 lecture, and we’ve now been charged to hit at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day.  She also told my daughter this was her responsibility (with mom’s help and guidance).  I love the empowerment!

Here’s a quick how-to for those of you who also have young ladies in your house.


Glass of calcium fortified OJ with your breakfast: 300 milligrams


Carton of milk with your lunch at school: 300 milligrams

Two slices of calcium fortified Roman Meal bread for your sandwich: 300 milligrams

After school snack:

Container of yogurt: approximately 200 milligrams

You’re at approximately 1,000 milligrams before dinner is even served!  How easy was that?  Of course, my 11-year-old is a little obsessed with efficiency, so she proposed we make smoothies for breakfast with OJ and yogurt to get a head start.  Works for me!

Take care of you and yours!

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